Montbell U.L Folding Pole folding trekking poles

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【Product Introduction】

The ultra- light folding trekking poles for competition, the three-stage design is connected by a thick nylon strap, and can be quickly assembled or disassembled by simply pressing the rod end button and pulling the cable at the same time. The folded length is only 32cm, which is only one and a half of ordinary hiking poles, and the weight is only about 139g, which is extremely convenient and easy to carry. Extended anti-slip EVA soft rubber handle, which can be gripped in different positions according to needs. Four different lengths are available for people of different heights.

- The shaft is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and hard, and has the right amount of elasticity to offset the impact of the ground
Anti-slip rubber handle, anti-slip effect is better and more comfortable
- The rod end is made of hard tungsten alloy, which is absolutely wear-resistant and durable
- The shaft is coated with thick protective oil to prevent oxidation
- Comes with a detachable rubber foot to protect the end of the rod when used on hard surfaces
- Comes with a removable sand disc to prevent the shaft from sinking into the sand when it is soft on the ground


【Product Information】

Model Use length Condensation length weight
# 1140259 Orange Red 95-105cm 34cm 142g
#1140260 Citron Yellow 103-113cm 36cm 147g
#1140261 Dark Mallard 110-120cm 39cm 153g