Montbell Stuck in Nobashi Chopsticks Wild Chopsticks Set (Retractable)

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【product description】

Montbell Stuck in Nobashi Chopsticks Retractable Nobashi Chopsticks

  • Lightweight and durable, can be stored in the pot, easy to maintain
  • Does not absorb food flavors
  • Exquisite foldable portable wooden chopsticks
  • Only 13.5cm long when folded, very easy to carry
  • Made of extremely lightweight aluminum alloy and hard ebony wood
  • Comes with a Japanese storage bag


【Product information】

materials: aluminum alloy, ebony

顏色:Charcoal | Green | Leaf Green | Navy | Red

Weight: 15g (25g with package)

Use Length: Chopsticks 21cm (Folded 13.5cm)