Montbell Seamless Down Hugger 800 #7 Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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【product description】

Montbell Down Sleeping Bags are made from large waterfowl feathers selected from cold regions such as Canada and Northern Europe.Sleeping bags with a down expansion coefficient of 800FP, because the lightest and youngest feathers need to be manually selected one by one, so the output is extremely rare, and the high warmth retention and light weight are far less than other grades of products, the compression of the sleeping bag The rate is higher than that of ordinary sleeping bags, allowing you to carry a lighter and more comfortable and warm sleeping bag when you are hiking and camping.

The inner down is FP800 grade, and the outer fabric is made of ultra-light Ballistic Airlight water-repellent material. It also has Super Spiral Stretch System stretching technology. The sleeping bag can reach 135% stretch rate, and it will not feel too cramped when stretched in the sleeping bag. .Sleeping bag with POLKATEX® DWR water repellent technology, To make the waterproof performance of the product more ideal, it is a special electrostatic treatment on the fibers of the cloth surface, so that the cloth surface forms a water-resistant polarity, which can effectively repel water from accumulating on the cloth surface, and the water-repellent effect is better than the general siliconizing agent treatment effect. Strong, and because POLKATEX is not a paint or other chemical treatment, it is extremely washable and not easy to fail.


【Product information】

Material: 10-denier Ballistic® Airlight nylon taffeta (100% Nylon),  Spider yarn (93.1% Polyester + 6.9% Nylon)

Temperature: 11 °C (comfort temperature), 7°C (extreme temperature)

Weight: 391g (412g) (with storage bag)

Style: Lift Zipped, Right Zipped

Storage size: 12 x 24cm

Height limit: 183cm