Montbell Instant Dehydrated Italian Risotto (various types)

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【product description】

dehydrated rice for Yes Convenience merchandise for nutritional supplements such as outdoor dining, camping and mountain climbing,

Popular with backpackers and campers or climbers.

✅ Super lightweight packaging (about 100g per pack), easy to carry and store

No need to cook, Just pour hot water or room temperature water for conditioning

✅ Dehydrated rice comes with a spoon , No need to prepare dishes, you can eat directly in the bag


The price of a single pack is , and the price of five packs is 0 ( optional flavor)

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1. After tearing open the package, remove the desiccant, seasoning and spoon

2. Pour into the water filling line in the bag, mix the ingredients, seasonings and rice thoroughly

3. Close the bag, then wait (boil in hot water for 3 minutes) and enjoy