Montbell Lock-On Sandal Sandals (Multicolor In)

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【product description】

Every mountain person will have a pair of summer slippers - Montbell Lock-on sandal

Unique S-shaped design with adjustable Velcro strap on the instep when put on more fitting sandals,

It won't last forever At once toss At once Throwing feeling!

In addition to being used for camping, it is very comfortable to change after going out on the street / exercising 😍

❗️According to the owner's test: I personally feel that buying half a size larger than usual will be more comfortable (especially for friends with wider feet)❗️


【Product information】

Material: EVA

Sole: Rubber

Weight: 180g x 2


Black Black/Yellow Dark Brown

Dark Navy/Dark Navy Orange   Blue/Spectrum Blue


XS(22.0~23.0㎝)| S(23.5~24.5㎝)| M(25.0~26.0㎝)

L(26.5~27.5㎝)| XL(28.0~29.0㎝)| XXL(29.5~31.0㎝)