Montbell Flex Water Carrier 8L 2022 New Edition

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【Product introduction】

  • The body and tube are made of antibacterial treatment material
  • The slide lock system is open for easy water filling and cleaning, and the slide lock handle strut opens the bracket for faster drying
  • Open/close the hose with one hand to pour water into another container and easily get out of the water without moving the water bladder underneath
  • The water bladder has a scale on the back, convenient for cooking
  • BPA free


【Product information】

Heat Resistance: 176°F / 80°C

Hardiness: -4°F / -20°C

Weight: 190g

Size: Ø28 x 42 cm

Outer material: E.V.A.

Inner material: Polyethylene

Tube outside: Thermoplastic Elastomer

Tube inside: Polypropylene

Valve: Polypropylene

Slide lock: Polycarbonate