Montbell Dry Bag Tube Transparent Waterproof Bag

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【product description】

A necessary transparent storage waterproof bag for water play in summer, with a capacity of 30L and 40L!

It is suitable for beach/water activities/surfing/SUP/boating, using super waterproof material, it is very efficient!

The waterproof bag has enough capacity to store personal clothing and small items, and the straps and buckles on both sides prevent water from entering.

Make your belongings more secure and avoid splashing!

The transparent design makes it easy to identify the items inside and easy to retrieve!


【Product information】

materials: Polyester Tarpaulin

Color: Clear

weight: 260g (15L) | 335g (20L) | 405g (30L) | 450g (40L)

size: ∅24 x 48cm (15L) | ∅24 x 59cm (20L) | ∅30 x 60cm (30L) | ∅35 x 62cm (40L)

Origin: Taiwan