Montbell Alpine Cooker Square 12+13 SET aluminum square aluminum cooker set

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【Product introduction】

Montbell Alpine Cooker series cook set, a famous Japanese national camping brand, weighing only 363g

  • Manufactured with ultra-light hardened anode aluminum,Hard, durable,Not easily scratched and corroded
  • Pot handles and lids are designed to be scald resistant for ease of use
  • Folding design, easy to store, save space
  • There is a capacity core line in the pot
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Includes 1 x 0.8LClay pot + 1 x 0.9L pot + 2 lids


【Product Information】

WEIGHT:363g(383g) (weight with stuff bag)

Material: aluminum alloy

Size:14.2(W) x 14.2(D) x 9.1(H) cm


0.8L煲 / 11.7(W) x 11.7(D) x 7.3(H) cm
0.9LPot/13.1(W) x 13.1(D) x 8.2(H) cm
With storage net bag