Japanese Maruka Metal Hand Warmer Soup Soup Po

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【Product introduction】

"Tomo Tompo" is a traditional Japanese winter warmth tool, usually made of metal or ceramic material,

Hot water is injected into it for heat preservation, and it can be directly burned with open flame to heat the body,

Stay warm without deliberate water changes or power/fuel!

So for pets that are in danger of getting too close to the stove,

Also a good hand warmer!

The palm size is very small, weighing only 265g, easy to carry,

You can hold it or step on it to keep warm,

You can even put it in bed to keep warm,The warmth is quite good,

Convenient outdoor camping can be used for long-term warmth!

[6-7 years] quality protection made in all Japan


-Please open the lid when burning straight, please do not seal the lid.

-Do not touch directly with your hands. A thermos filled with boiling water is very hot. If you touch it with your bare hands, you will be scalded. Please wear gloves.

-Please put the lid up when using. If it is facing down, the lid may loosen due to some kind of impact, causing hot water to leak.


【Product information】


Weight: 265g

Capacity: 600ml

size: W13.5 X d17.5 X h5.5cm

Material: main body/hot-dip galvanized steel plate, base/brass, packing/synthetic rubber

Origin: Main body/ Japan, storage bag/China

Contains a special storage bag