Lowe Alpine Escape Tour ND50 +15 Multi-Purpose Travel Rucksack

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【Product introduction】
Escape Tour ND50 +15 is the travel backpack of choice for nomads and adventurers,
Let you drop your bags and explore at any time without carrying unnecessary weight or volume.
Keep you comfortable, safe and well prepared!
  • Versatile design with a 50L travel backpack and a 15L daily backpack
  • Two backpacks are also adjustable Air Contour + carrying system
  • The main bag has a safe rear-to-back entrance, an integrated travel cover in the base, and sturdy top and side handles for added practicality!
  • Large zipper design on the front of the main bag and elastic mesh bags on both sides make it easier to store your supplies
  • Compact style daily backpack with easy access top pocket, water bottle holder, 14 "laptop, computer liner and passport slot
  • The daily backpack can be easily fixed by a sturdy metal hook, which can be clipped to the main bag seat belt and worn on the chest to provide extra comfort and safety
  • Adjustable elastic waistband, can be properly unloaded to the waist, reduce shoulder burden


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【Product Information】

Capacity: Master Backpack 50L | Daily bag 15L

Weight: Master Backpack 870L | Daily Bag 430g

Size: main backpack 60x 34x 29cm | day bag 44x24x20cm

Back length: 43CM