Ledlenser ML4 Rechargeable Outdoor Camp Light

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【product description】

Popular Ledlenser Camp lamp torch💡, ultra-lightweight design is convenient and practical, can cooperate Lampshades of third-party or self-made brands on the market, converted into mood lamps that best suit your personality🔥

  • Five lighting modes: boost, flash, strobe, high/medium/low power, adjustable White/warm, red light
  • Ultra-lightweight design, weighing only 50g
  • Patented anti-glare micro-rhombus design: with patented micro-structured optical lens, pure white high-reflection wick, producing glare-free light
  • Fluorescent body makes it easier to find camp lights in the dark
  • Can be hung or placed flat on the table​ : Can be hung in a backpack or tent with a snap-on design
  • Dual-purpose dry/rechargeable, powered by one 14500 battery or AA battery
  • Magnetic charging system: a new generation charging system for easy and fast charging of Ledlenser camp lights
  • Waterproof grade IP66, suitable for outdoor use
  • The most important and most important, it can be used as a power bank (urine bag) to charge the mobile phone

*Because the product is connected with a built-in battery, all Only available in Hong Kong area

The Ledlenser products sold in this store are Hongkong Ledlenser agent picks up the goods, guarantees the original factory, seven years warranty


【Introduction to the short film】


【Product information】

Weight: 50g | 71g (including battery)

Dimensions: 9.7 x 3.45 x 2.9 cm

Brightness: 300 / 150 / 50 / 5 lumen

Lighting time: -/2.5/8/45 hr

Waterproof grade: IP66

Battery: 1 x 14500 3.7V Lithium battery (included) or AA