Klymit Static V2 Outdoor Inflatable Single Floor Mat

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【product description】

  • Static V2 is an evolutionary version of Static V, 12% lighter than Static V, with a total weight of only 454g
  • Use new high-end lightweight fabrics for a more comfortable feel
  • The V-shaped air chamber design can effectively improve the air separation in the sleeping pad and support the body more effectively. At the same time, it can improve the ability to isolate the temperature, reduce heat loss, and make your sleep quality better.
  • The design on both sides of the mat is cut, so that Yu Liyu will not be easily displaced when sleeping
  • The new version of the mouthpiece makes it easier to inflate, and it only takes 10-15 times to fill the floor
  • Includes an emergency repair kit
  • The most important thing is high cost performance, affordable price, the choice for beginners


【Product information】

weight 454 g
size 183 x 58 x 6 cm
Storage size 20 x 8 cm
material 30D top/75D bottom polyester
R-Value 1.3