Hilander Retro LED Camping Light

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【product description】

Going to camp, I really want to set up a beautiful field, the atmosphere is good, but I don’t want to use candle lights to be troublesome, and I think the vaporization lights are too heavy and convenient?This camping light has the appearance of a vaporized light and the convenience of an LED light. It is a first-class atmosphere light~

This camping light only weighs 400g, which is light and practical to carry.Only 4 AA batteries can be used for 15 hours~Although the lumen is low, it is enough to be used as a mood light~

【Product information】

Material: Steel

Use size: 24 x 15cm

Brightness: 58 lumen

Weight: about 400g

Uses 4 AA batteries

Continuous lighting time: about 15 hours