Germany High Peak Nevada 3 Triple Tunnel Tent

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【product description】

High Peak is the affordable and economical choice for German brands. Nevada 3 series released a new color Dark Olive this year.

The more you look, the better!The choice for a three-person camp, the best value for money!

The double-door design front hall space is large enough, suitable for multiple people to use, and it is convenient to store sundries and cook.

Equipped with inner and outer tent design, can avoid the effect of anti-moisture, and the humidity in the camp is aggravated.

There is a side door on the side of the outer tent for entering and leaving the camp, and a transparent window is also attached .

The tent outside the tent is 3000mm water pressure resistant and has excellent waterproof function.

Internal account is half The gauze design not only ventilates but also prevents mosquitoes from flying in,

Internal storage pocket and hanging light rope for easy storage of personal items and hanging lighting tools

Comes with a special storage bag, light and easy to carry


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【Product information】

Camp bone: fibrous bone 7.9mm

Fully open size :( 205+80)L x 205W x 120H cm

Weight: 3.4kg

Outer material: 100% Polyester, PU coated, seam taped

Internal account material: 100% Polyester, breathable

Waterproof pressure: 2000mm

attached Wind Rope, Camp Nail, Tote Bag, Camp Nail Bag and Camp Post Bag