Helinox Chair Zero High-Back Lightweight Outdoor Camping High-Back Chair

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【product description】 

- Known as the lightest high-back chair in history, it is an outdoor folding chair that combines light weight, comfort and durability

- Ultra-lightweight folding high-back chair,Provide a high sense of coverage; the weight is only about 690g, and can bear 120kg

- The frame is made of anodized DAC aluminum rod, the material is flexible and durable

- Elastic rope, simple skeleton structure, quick installation and easy storage

- The storage volume is small,Easy to carry


Licensed in Hong Kong, original five-year warranty


【Product information】

Dimensions: 47 x 49 x 83cm

Storage size: 40 x 12 x 12cm

Weight: 690g 

Load : 120kg

Origin: Vietnam

Includes a camping bench body + storage bag