GSI Commuter Javapress Outdoor Press Coffee Maker

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【product description】

I want to try to go outdoors and use the french press method Friends making coffee, You can start with this portable filter pressure cup,

The appearance is beautiful enough to be sunburned, and the outer heat shield is embedded 😍,

The most important thing is that you don't need to bring so many different bags, one The filter press pot is done!

  • Using BPA-Free and shatter-resistant materials, high drop resistance, not easy to rot
  • A double layer of insulation is formed between the cup and the pot, so the coffee doesn't freeze so quickly.
  • The airtight lid uses a spill-proof design to keep the coffee cup sealed when shaken, and the lid can be easily unscrewed


【Video introduction】


【Product information】

Weight: about 320g

Materials: Copolyester, Nylon, Foam

Capacity: about 444ml

Dimensions: 9.65cm x 7.62cm x 19.81cm

*Includes a 444ml filter pressure cup + sealed insulation cover + heat-proof cover + non-slip fixed feet