GSI Javamill Coffee Grinder Hand Grinder

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【product description】

This hand grinder is made of impact-resistant copolyester, and the sharpening part is made of ceramic.Compared with the traditional heavy-duty wooden mailbox-type hand grinder, it is light in texture and easy to carry, and the ceramic grinding plate will not have the problem of rusting. It is very worthwhile to buy one of the camping supplies.

🔸The upper cover is designed with ball bearings, which helps to apply force evenly when grinding beans, and it will not be difficult to grind

🔸There is a knob under the ceramic grinder, which can adjust the gap between the two grinders to control the thickness of the coffee powder (it is not recommended to turn the grinder when it is turned to the tightest, because it may cause damage to the grinder)

🔸The hand grinder with ceramic blade is not suitable for grinding hard coffee beans, so as not to cause the grinding disc to not work properly


【Product information】

Weight: about 263g

Material: copolyester, ceramic

Loaded bean quantity: 187ml 

Dimensions: 6.35cm x 5.08cm x 16cm

*Includes a ceramic coffee grinder + grinding arm + silicone handle + grinding cup + bearing assembly