Gerry Japan Nylon Climbing Shorts Outdoor sports shorts

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【product description】

Japanese Gerry popular mountaineering shorts, mainly amphibious function,Functional shorts that really go up and down the sea!

Made of fast-drying elastic nylon, Zhongyou has anti-UV function and cold feeling design, can cool down and protect against the sun in hot summer!

By Mountain to water can have high performance performance, suitable for long-term outdoor activities.

  • With adjustable belt adjust looseness
  • Amphibious use, pleasure thin body not baked
  • The trouser stall has a 180-degree stretch elastic design, convenient for outdoor activities
  • The bottom right is attached with classic logo embroidery

【Size reference】

The rubber trouser cap is elastic, so suitable for people with different waist circumference

The trouser cap of the sports shorts will be more fitted, to prevent falling off during exercise,

Friends who need a looser feeling recommend buying a larger size


【Product information】

MATERIAL:100% Nylon

尺寸: S, M, L, XL