Korea Gasware Classic T-Heater Alpine Gas Heater Lamp

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【product description】

Gasware heater lamp is a combination of heater and atmosphere lamp, Weighing only 310g, it is light and practical to carry

Special heat storage metals have been tested up to 782°C, which is sufficient to transfer heat;

With the metal engraving design of the heater lamp, it is beautiful and practical, suitable for camping in winter.


【Product information】

Weight: 310 g
Dimensions: 8(W) x 16(H) cm
Material: Stainless, Aluminium (Black: Black ceramic coating)
Fuel: Alpine Gas
Gas consumption: 110 g/h
Origin: South Korea

Contains a heater lamp body, a stainless steel hanging chain, and a special storage bag



- Keep out of reach of children.Keep out of reach and contact with children

-Deformation and safety problems may occur during continuous use, please do not use it for a long time

- Do not modify, disassemble or use the product for anything other than a heater

- The product must be stored separately from the fuel, never directly store the heater with the gas tank connected

- Pay attention to the sound and smell when installing the gas tank, check the connection part for leaks

- Do not shake the gas tank

-Use only outdoors, in a well-ventilated place.Do not use indoors or confined spaces such as cars or tents, do not hang in tents or on branches

-Do not use near high temperature or open flame

- Do not touch the heater during operation or immediately after operation, and remove the fuel after cooling down

- Keep gas stoves away from small children.Keep out of reach of children.Keep out of reach and contact with children