Gasware Power Hose Burner Stove Outdoor Cooking Gas Stove

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【product description】

The cooking stoves of the Korean brand Gasware are the most popular. The Power Hose Burner is compatible with Snowline camping benches, and the design size is just right for Snowline. The stove orifice plate is then placed on the Snowline series camping table to free up more space on the table.

  • Folding stove feet for easy storage
  • Made of stainless steel (all black anti-stick ceramic coating)
  • The special brass tube can effectively control the gas combustion and can be used effectively even in cold weather
  • Can be placed on Cube Expander Table and Family Table with Snowline Burner Plate
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    【Product information】

    Size: 22.5  x 11.5  cm

    Storage size: 13 x 9.5 cm

    Weight: 460g

    Ignition: electronic ignition

    Fuel: Alpine gas (additional side stove converter can be purchased, and side stove gas can be used as fuel after installation)

    Gas consumption: 170 g/h (170 g alpine gas per hour)

    Origin: South Korea