Gaobabu Multi Cooker Stand GMCS-01 Cooking Grill with Dining Plate

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【product description】  

The Japanese brand Gaobabu developed highly compatible picnic supplies under the name.

2022 New Products Multi Cooker Stand GMCS-01 is a new patented design,

Combined with the three-in-one function, Cooking Worktop + Grill + Dining Plate,

It makes outdoor cooking more convenient and easier, and elevates the experience of picnic and camping to another level.

Compatible with almost all popular stoves!


cooking rack Can be adjusted at will (five) height to match different furnaces,

In addition to being compatible with gas and alpine gas stoves, it is also suitable for alcohol stoves and solid fuel trays;

The heat shield on the frame is equipped with a needle bar for easy fixing of the windshield.

The dining plates on both sides also have a warming effect, keeping the freshness and heat of the food, and it will not get cold easily.

The dining plate has a more careful sauce recess design, which is convenient for eating during barbecue.

With Gaobabu's popular product B6 Multi Grill Plate anti-stick grill plate,

And two dining plates, no need to bring additional dishes, allowing you to experience the fun of barbecue outdoors!


The heat shield is compatible with the following stove models:

  • SOTO Regulator Stove ST-310
  • SOTO Regulator Stove Fusion (FUSION) ST-330
  • Iwatani Fore Winds Micro Camp Stove
  • Iwatani Junior Compact Burner CB-JCB (will go directly through the heat shield when installed)

Alcohol stove:

  • Trangia Alcohol Burner TR-B25
  • Esbit Alcohol Burner
  • Solo Stove Alcohol Burner
  • Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove
  • Gaobabu  alcohol burner
  • Gaobabu alcohol burner DEEP type


【Introduction to the short film】 


【Product information】 

Cooking grill with plate

Weight: 760g|920g (with storage bag)

Storage size: 22.9cm x 16.5cm x 16.5cm

Use size: 35cm x 18cm x (7.2 / 8.2 / 9.2 / 10 / 11)cm

Including main body, insulation board, dining plate x2 and storage bag

B6 Multi Grill Plate Anti-Stick Grill Plate

Weight: 240g

Material: Aluminum (Thickness 4 mm) + 3-layer  Fluorine coating

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 17.5cm x 10cm

Made in Japan