Gaobabu G Grill Mini cooking grill with fire station

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【product description】  

The Japanese brand Gaobabu developed highly compatible picnic supplies under the name.

New products in 2023 G Grill Mini combines multi-purpose - mini incinerator + grill + dining plate,

Make outdoor cooking more convenient and easy, and take the picnic camping experience to another level!


The mini incinerator can be used separately and independently, at the same time Attached base plate to fix the position of the incinerator,  

The dining plates on both sides also have a warming effect, keeping the freshness and heat of the food, and it will not get cold easily.

The dining plate has a more careful sauce recess design, which is convenient for eating during barbecue.

With Gaobabu's popular product B6 Multi Grill Plate anti-stick grill plate,

And two dining plates, no need to bring additional dishes, allowing you to experience the fun of barbecue outdoors!


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【Product information】

Cooking grill with fire station

Weight: 1.65kg (with storage bag)

Dimensions used: 30cm x 21cm x (13.5-16.5)cm

Storage size: 21 cm x 21cm x 5cm

Includes mini fire table, baseplate, carbon bed, dining tray x2 and storage bag


B6 Multi Grill Plate Anti-Stick Grill Plate

Weight: 240g

材質:Aluminum (Thickness 4 mm) + 3-layerFluorine coating

Dimensions: 12.5cm x 17.5cm x 10cm

Made in Japan