Gaobabu B6 Multi Grill Plate

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【product description】  

The Japanese brand Gaobabu developed highly compatible picnic supplies under the name.

Among them, the popular product B6  The Multi Grill Plate is the most popular,

The bottom design of the pit pattern can fix the baking pan on the stove head, compatible with a variety of brand stoves,

Ultra light 240g aluminum baking pan, Cooking is safer and more convenient!


The surface of the barbecue plate is all coated with three layers of Fluorine coating . Good heat conduction and fast cooling,

When cooking, there is no fear of the bottom line, and the surface pits can also take away excess cooking oil from the food, avoiding too much greasy!

It is easy to clean when you take it to camping, and you can clean most of the oily stains by wiping it directly with kitchen paper.

The carefully heightened basin edge design prevents the gravy from overflowing, and the capacity is larger.  

Let you easily experience the fun of barbecue outdoors!


The grill pan is compatible with the following stove models:

  • SOTO Regulator Stove ST-310
  • SOTO Regulator Stove Fusion (FUSION) ST-330
  • Gaobabu G Grill mini
  • Gaobabu Multi Cooker Stand GMCS-01
  • Sho's Xiao b6 Jun BBQ Grill
  • Captain Stag Kamado b6 Grill
  • Iwatani Forewinds Micro Camp Stove
  • Esbit Pocket Stove


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    【Product information】 

    B6 Multi Grill Plate Anti-Stick Grill Plate

    Weight: 240g

    Material: Aluminum (Thickness 4 mm) + 3-layer  Fluorine coating

    Dimensions: 12.5cm x 17.5cm x 10cm

    Made in Japan