Waterproof Daren FT-98 Ankylo Tunnel Tent 4-Person Big Tunnel Camp Tent

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【product description】

Hong Kong brand waterproof expert has been focusing on cost-effective camping products.

The most popular products are waterproof canopies and base mats. This year's autumn and winter first produced large tents,

Continue to use high cost performance as the selling point, the price is affordable and lightweight and easy to use!


The four-person tunnel camp is very suitable People who like heavy equipment, cars and multi-group camping;

Suitable for all seasons in Hong Kong, windproof, rainproof, mosquitoproof and breathable!

The space inside the camp is very spacious. There is a 4.4m x 2.6m storage space⛺️

The front door can be extended into a canopy as the front hall, Can accommodate a variety of camping furniture,

I believe that many campers would like to make camping feel like home✨

The whole camp is designed with three doors. The doors on both sides of the front hall can be opened, and the inner tent also has doors on both sides.

When you fall asleep at night, fix the two doors to completely block mosquitoes from entering!


PU4000 coated 68D polyester for camping and tear resistance material, high durability, lightweight and tear-resistant,

The bottom of the inner tent is also waterproof up to 4000mm, preventing rainwater from seeping into the camp from the bottom.


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【Product information】

Suitable number of people: four people

Outer account size: 4.4m x 2.6m x 1.5m

Inner tent size: 2.1m x 2.4m x 1.45m

Storage size: 64cm x 19cm

Weight: ~5kg

Color: Khaki

Outer tent material: 68 D polyester tear resistant PU4000

Inner tent material: 68D polyester PU COATING waterproof -4000mm, 20D dense hole gauze mesh

Bracket material: light body 7001 aluminum alloy 8.5mm diameter

attached 1 tent (inner tent + outer tent), 10 wind ropes, camp nails

8 pcs, reflective cord adjustment buckle

6 sets and 1 storage bag