Waterproof master 20D anti-UV ultra-light silver bottom 4.2 meters big sky curtain

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【product description】

Waterproof Master is a local brand in Hong Kong, and its representative products are mainly lightweight canopies.

The size of the big canopy is 4.2 x 4.2m, which can accommodate 4-6 people. It is very small and light to store.  

The butterfly canopy has a lot of changes, and with the use of camp pillars and camp ropes, different states can be built.

    The canopy has anti-ultraviolet function, which can strengthen the blocking of sunlight and rainfall, and improve the comfort of camping.

    This canopy has a silver glue coating UPF50+, in summer, the silver bottom can be turned upward to enhance the reflection of sunlight and improve the shading effect.

    There is a fully waterproof rubber strip at the sewing position, which has waterproof effect.


    【Product information】

    SPF: UPF 50+

    Weight: Approx. 810 g

    Unfolded size: 420 cm x 420 cm

    Storage size: φ11 cm x 25 cm