DOD Stealth X Natural Khaki 2-in-1 Storage Camping Station

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【product description】

This two-in-one storage camping table is very practical. Except for the left side, it can be used as a camping table. When you open the top of the table top, it can be used as a garbage can/storage space. There are also 6 carabiner buckles for you to hang plastic bags. 𠻹👍

The bracket is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and clean enough to be exposed to the sun; the wooden countertop can be folded and stored in half, and the countertop magnet can absorb the bracket to support the countertop more firmly.The load-bearing table is 30kg, and the storage bag is made of canvas. The whole mess can be machine washed~


【Product information】

Color: Khaki

Dimensions: 44.5cm x 42cm x 59cm

Storage size (table + storage bag): 50cm x 23cm

storage size ( Stand): 74cm x 10cm

Weight: 2.3kg 

Material: aluminum alloy, cotton, wood