DOD DOPPELGANGER Retractable LED Camping Light

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【product description】

This dual-purpose camping light can meet the basic needs of camping and can be used as a flashlight or camping light.Flashlight mode can adjust the light, zoom in zoom out, if it is a camping light, there are three luminosity can be adjusted, the maximum light can go to 150 lumen, if you use AA power as the power supply, the use time is as long as 20 hours (For your reference, the decathlon pattern is only 40 lumen, and sometimes the night is too dark and it will not be enough to see).The most important thing is that it is lightweight, convenient and easy to carry. It is only 5cm x 8.5cm in size, so it can fit into a mobile phone!


【Product Information】

Colour: Black

Size: Lantern 8.5cm x 13.2cm/ Flashlight 8.5cm x 5cm

Weight: about 140g

Power source: AA batteries (sold separately), AA Eneloop low self-discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries (sold separately)

Material: ABS resin

Accessories: USB charging cable



BrightEvery time

when using itbetween

white lightLED(powerful

150 lumen

20 hr (8 hr)

white lightLEDweak

30 lumen

75 hr (30 hr)

warm lightLED

100 lumen

25 hr (10 hr)

*() In brackets is the use of Eneloop low self-discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries