Dango D-01 Dapper Bifold Wallet Military Bifold Wallet

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【product description】

This Dango wallet is very popular among mountain friends. It is simple enough without losing style. The owner has one himself, and they use it for adults. Dango is an American brand, specializing in tactical handmade wallets. It is suitable for friends who go camping and play bushcraft. Their wallets are the most special. If you use old words, you can buy another piece of leather to exchange it. , you can buy or return the same accessories as you like. They are most famous for having a multi-tool that can be put into a wallet, which is very useful for opening wine bottles, twisting screws, making knots, opening cans, etc. .

  • Equipped with RFID technology to prevent reading of personal data
  • Manufactured from 6061 aerospace grade CNC aluminum alloy
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • TSA Compliant


【Product information】

Number of cards: Up to 8 cards can be placed

Weight: 76g

Dimensions: 11.12cm x 6.98cm


(dermal) surface

(Silicone) Wallet Strap

(anodized aluminum) wallet clip

(stainless steel screw