Coleman Steel Belt Cooler 54QT refrigerator incubator

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【Product introduction】

More than 120 years old outdoor brand Coleman,

Coleman Ultra Cold Function 54QT refrigerator incubator, is both functional and designed!

  • The bottom is provided with a drainage level to drain the dissolved ice
  • The box body is equipped with a bottle opener, convenient to open the bottle of drink
  • Cold holding capacity can be up to four days, can be used for multiple days
  • Door lock is attached to lock the refrigerator and prevent food from tipping over
  • Capacity up to 51L, Suitable for family camping and dinner


【Video Introduction】


【Product Information】

materials: Steel, stainless steel, urethane foam, polyethylene

Capacity: 51L

的使用大:62 x 42 x 41 (H) cm

Color: Sage