Coleman Scented Candle Tin Box Mosquito Coil Candle

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【product description】

Coleman Tin Mosquito Repellent Candle, Suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities!

except Can be used as a mosquito coil, The classic tin box design is also full of nostalgic retro style.

The candle uses a cracked wood core , which makes a cracking sound when burning. Indoor use is very feel,

One can can burn for 25 hours, and the iron box can be reused after use!

There are three flavor options: Pine wood fragrance🦚, chocolate marshmallow cookies🧁, campfire fragrance🔥


Pay attention when using

⚠️ Before each burn  The wood core can be cut off 1/4 before burning

⚠️ No more than 4 hours per burn

⚠️ When the remaining wax is less than half an inch, stop using it

⚠️ Make sure the wax is solidified before moving the middle wood core


【Product information】

Main ingredient: Citronella oil

size: ‎3.13 x 3.13 x 2.5 inches

Weight: about 220g