Coleman Mini Insect Board (90 Days Use)

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【product description】

Coleman and Earth Pharmaceutical specially developed a series of outdoor mosquito repellent products,

This mini insect repellent board is highly stylish and designed for outdoor use,

for the day Ben's first ultra-concentrated tablet Rasis®, can keep evaporative mosquito repellent, The effect is stable.

Mosquito repellent tablets can be used for 90 days, as the drug evaporates, the color of the sticker will change,

The mosquito repellent can be turned on and used at any time, and can be turned off when not needed.


When in use: Pull up the inner container until you hear a click. (the drug will evaporate)

After use: Close container. (The drug will not evaporate when the container is closed)


【Product information】

Main ingredients: Profluthrin (Pyrethroid)

Total weight: 90g

Origin: Japan

Comes with a repellent plate and a hook


⚠️ This product contains Pyrethroid, if you have any abnormality or allergy in your body, please stop using it immediately.

⚠️ If a drug ingredient gets on the skin, wash it thoroughly with soap.