Coleman Extra Thick Insect Repellent Coil 30 Rolls (1 Box)

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【product description】

Coleman and Earth Pharmaceutical specially developed a series of outdoor mosquito repellent products,

Friends who love outdoor activities and camping can't miss their special thick mosquito coils,

Outdoors, of course, you need to use fire first, especially feel.

The thickness and smoke volume are up to 3 times higher than ordinary incense sticks, and the burning time is longer than 4 hours.

There are 30 volumes that can be used slowly, it is definitely the best choice for playing!

P.S. It can be placed in the upwind position for outdoor ventilation, and the mosquito repellent effect is more obvious!


【Product information】

Main Ingredients: Metofurthrin, Pyrethroid base

Total weight: 720g

Origin: Malaysia


⚠️This product contains Pyrethroid, if you have any abnormality or allergy in your body, please stop using it immediately.

⚠️Please put mosquito coils on ceramic or metal containers.Do not use carton or plastic containers.

⚠️ Please store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and humidity