Colapz 3-in-1 Rechargeable Shower

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【product description】

British brand Colapz has developed a series of accessories for use with outdoor water buckets. One of the representative products is the outdoor charging shower. Colapz 2-in-1 Folding 8L Bucket use , The usage is changeable, suitable for outdoor family activities!

1️⃣ Outdoor portable shower, support USB charging

2️⃣ Charging for 4-5 hours can provide about 55-65 minutes of water, up to 3L/minute flow

3️⃣ Can be folded with Colapz 2 in 1 8LBucket use

4️⃣ Applicable water temperature is about 0 - 60℃ (32℉ - 140℉)

5️⃣ Suitable for different occasions, can be used for cleaning such as washing dishes, cleaning bicycles, patios, windows, bathing

6️⃣ Including shower head, nozzle, button spray head, Hook attachment


【Video introduction】


【Product information】

Weight: 719g| 845 g  (with box)

water pump size: Phi 4.3 cm x 11 cm

Storage size: 7 x 22 x 22cm

Including shower head, nozzle, button nozzle, hook attachment


Weight distribution table

Pump (188g)
2m hose (162g)
Shower head (67g)
Customized spray head (56g)
Battery (79g)
USB line (22g)
Hook (19g)
Storage bag (126g)