Claymore V600+ Outdoor Rechargeable Fan 2021 New Version

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【product description】

I want to go camping in the mountains in summer, but I am afraid of the heat.

At this time, what you need most is a strong fan that can be played overnight 🌬

CLAYMORE V600+ Wireless Air Circulation Fan,

Using high- capacity lithium-ion battery 7,800mAh,

Up to 30 hours of use on a single charge. There are 4 levels of wind speed , and the safety cage is removable for dust-free storage.

In addition to being able to be used with a tripod support seat, it can also be hung up for use in the camp!


2021 version improved version:

Larger blade area for stronger wind

Added power indicator light to keep track of the power status of the fan at any time

Switch to Type C charging for a faster charge


【Product information】

size 218 x 166 x 244mm
weight 600g

Battery capacity
Li-Ion 3.7V 7,800 mAh

power supply
USB 5V 2A(USB Type-C)
charging time 4.5 hours
battery life 7~30 hours
Off timer 4 modes (1-2-3-4 hours)
wind speed 4 steps
Package Fan/Tripod/Charging Cable (Type C)/Manual