Claymore Swivel 369 Fan Turner rotary fan holder

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【product description】

Claymore officially launched its own rotary fan base ,

The color matching is the same as the F21, and it comes with a 10,000mAh large-capacity battery.

Can be used as a mobile power bank (does not support mobile phone charging)!

The pedestal bottom is

1/4 bottom screw hole, can be connected to different tripods or clamps,

Clip the head of the bed and use it just as well!

- 1/4" screw ball head for Claymore fan models F21, V600+, V1040
- 1/4" bottom screw hole for attaching different tripods
- Adjustable swing angle [30°, 60°, 90°]
- 3.7V 10,000mAh (37.0Wh) large capacity battery
- 60-minute timer function
- Convenient Type-C charging
Usage time:
1️⃣ When rotating + used as a power supply: maximum wind speed 3.5 hours ~ minimum wind speed 12 hours
2️⃣ Only used as a mobile power supply: maximum wind speed 4.5 hours ~ minimum wind speed 24 hours
3️⃣ Rotation only: 24 hours

【Product information】

weight 530g
Li-ion 3.7V
10,000mAh (37.0Wh)
Power supply
USB 5V 2A(USB Type-C)
Swivel369, Ball head, USB charging cable (USB Type-C), protective case, instruction manual