Chums Camper Cooler CH62-1893 18L refrigerator incubator

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【Product introduction】

Chums 2023 New Camper Cooler 18L Refrigerator Incubator,

colorful playfulness, Both functional and design

With CHUMS' characteristic three-color scheme and corrugated plate-like reinforced body,

The back of the lid has four built-in beverage holders, which can be removed and fixed on both sides of the incubator for use

Equipped with handle, convenient to carry when camping or picnicking.

With CHUMS original design handle

The front of the refrigerator is equipped with a large CHUMS logo

500ml bottle: 12 vertical
350ml aluminium can: holds 18 suitable sizes (500ml PET bottle and 350ml jar)

Comes with one Chums ice seed

* Due to the characteristics of the material, the pores on the back of the lid, the protruding resin adhesive, and the uneven color inside are all within the specifications.
* The product itself may have some scratches during transportation.

*This product does not include Chums Camper Mug


【Product Information】



Capacity: 18L


H33.5 x W42.5 x D31cm

Color: Red|Green|Yellow