Taiwan Camping ACE ARC-2117 Mars Quick Outdoor Cooking Stove

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【product description】

The Mars Quick Outdoor Cooking Stove developed by Camping ACE, a Taiwanese camping brand, has an integrated structure stove, which provides strong support and is suitable for pots of different sizes, and can be easily stored.

  • Jet pressurized hob, powerful output firepower of 4000W
  • Small size does not take up space, Can be stored in cookset together with alpine gas tank
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 172g
  • Silicone gas hose with good temperature resistance, easy to wrap, not rigid
  • Stable stainless steel tripod hob, Expandable and foldable stand to accommodate different pot sizes
  • The hob is made of high-toughness stainless steel, which can withstand repeated combustion without deformation
  • Premium rust carrying bag for easy storage

【Introduction to the short film】


【Product information】

Hot air consumption: 180g/hr

Output firepower: 4000kcal/h

Stove unfolded: 163 x 85.5mm

Stove folded: 107 x 50 x 85.5mm

Weight: 172g

Material: stainless steel, copper

Origin: Taiwan

*Does not include the alpine gas tank in the picture