Big Sky Insulite Pouch Extremely Lightweight Portable Ice Pack/Insulation Bag

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【product description】

When I go to camping in summer, I want to be able to drink a cold drink in the wild. Two people go with an incubator and it is easy to order.This Big Sky Insulite Pouch basically surpasses the function of the existing incubators. It is only 43g in light weight and has two sizes. The owner actually measured: two people of fine size can put a can of Coke per person. The size is just right to hold six cans of Coke 😜 The storage space is huge!

The inner layer of the thermal insulation bag is made of high-grade PrimoLoft Insulation for thermal insulation/cold insulation effect, and the outer layer is made of durable non-woven fabrics, and the secondary layers are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are compressible, self-standing and washable.

The ice pack is equipped with elastic bands and buckles, which can be folded up and hung up outside the rucksack. It does not take up any space at all. It is suitable for people who are wearing light clothes. 🙌

2022 new version - in the past, there was only a Velcro opening and closing, the new version is equipped with a roll top, which can lock the temperature more effectively, and the capacity is larger than before!


【Product information】

大 Big Size

Comes with a roll top ice bag, enough to accommodate six cans of soda and a small amount of ice (measured by the owner: it can fit six cans of soda + 6 packs of paper-wrapped drinks)

Dimensions: 30cm x 40cm

Storage size: 30cm x 10cm

Weight: 65 grams


Medium Medium Size

Enough to hold 2 or more dehydrated mountaineering food packs (measured by the owner: can fit six cans of soda)

Size: 25cm x 25cm

Weight: 43 grams


小 Single Serving Size

Enough to hold a zip-lock bag ( The owner's actual measurement: 啱啱 Fits well into two cans of soda)

Size: 20cm x 20cm

Weight: 28g