Bedrock Cairn Sandal outdoor sandals

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【Brand Introduction】

Bedrock is made up of several dreamers who love adventure, explore nature, and love cycling,

In 2011 Kickstarter designed Bedrock sandals,

Widely loved by Minimalist Barefoot;

With a large number of positive responses, Bedrock listened to their opinions on sandals,

The focused improvements made Sandals very popular for just seven years,

Bedrock moved from online sales to physical stores, reaching more users and promoting more comprehensively.

【Product Introduction】

The Bedrock Cairn Sandal design maintains the minimalist design, zero drop in the height of the forefoot and heel.

The sole thickness is 14mm, and it is comfortable to hike long distances and hiking, making it a good entry experience barefoot shoes.

Unique quick-drying webbing that can be adjusted in multiple directions,

Different foot types are suitable, firmly fixed soles, not easy to wear;

The sole is made of Vibram gold outsole material, which is guaranteed for wear resistance,

Can be worn on foot with continuous weights for several months

Different outdoor sports in summer, accompany you up and down the sea,

Walking in rugged mountain streams also has firm feet; On a hot summer day, whether it is water activities,

Or sudden rain, your feet are still cool and refreshed, and you can feel nature more directly!

Cairn VS Cairn 3D

The shoe bed is basically divided into: flat / 3D
3D will have better fixation
The shopkeeper himself measured and felt that the difference was not much,
And I prefer the flat touch
You can buy the right shoes according to your needs!

Classification of soles

Vibarm® Megagrip

  • Made with Vibram gold outsole, it is strong and wear-resistant, with deep tooth marks and optimal wet slip performance
  • Suitable for: hiking, trail running, climbing and wading and other outdoor activities.

Vibram® XS Trek

  • Lightweight, long-lasting, suitable for off-road terrain.


【Product information】

Bedrock Cairn Sandal

  • Outsole: Vibram® (XS Trek Regolith)
  • Webbing: Devil's felt adjustment tape
  • Shoe bed: flat shoe bed

Weight: ~298g(1/2 pair)

顏色: Black / Charcoal / Moss / Patchwork Pattern

For the most accurate sandal size,

1) The following size chart is available,It is recommended to measure the length of your foot and increase it by 1.5-2cm to get the closest size

2) Direct download of shoe board test, accurate comparison Sandals size

Bedrock Size SHOE LENGTH (CM) shoe width (CM) Shoe board download

Men 5/Women 6

23 8.7 5/6 shoe board
Men 6/Women 7
24 9.2 6/7 shoe board
Men 7/Women 8 25 9.5 7/8 shoe board
Men 8/Women 9 26 9.8 8/9 shoe board
Men 9/Women 10 27 10.3 9/10 shoe board
Men 10/Women 11 28 10.6 10/11 shoe board
Men 11/Women 12 29 11.1 11/12 shoe board