Korea Ballop Aqua Fits V2 Lasso Black Aquashoes multifunctional water sports shoes

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【product description】

Launched by Korean brand Ballop Newly designed Skin Shoes, specially designed for various sports, water activities, and the same Perfect for casual wear and feel the comfort of your bare feet!

- The 3D upper perfectly fits the shape of the foot, helps to correct the foot posture, massage the sole of the foot, Increase its protection and durability  

-Lightweight design is only 108g, light and comfortable  

-Patented bottom drainage design, fit Quick-drying fabric, suitable for different outdoor and water activities, such as surfing, surfing, etc.

- Exclusive soft insole, no problem for walking, yoga, fitness, running

-The outer upper is made of DR Knit LT Spantextile material, durable and elastic, can flex 360 degrees

- The sole is non-slip rubber for excellent grip

- Unique heel design, fix the foot during exercise and increase the durability of the heel

- Korean design, original import, quality assurance👍🏻

*Shoe size varies by style, or may have a 5mm error


【Product information】

Material: DR Knit LT Spantextile (upper)| rubber( Sole)| Polyester fiber + EVA (sole)

Weight: 108g

Origin: South Korea