Arisu Four Seasons Casting Griddle Anti-stick Bottom Non-stick Easy-to-Clean Deep Annual Ring Grill Plate (2023 New)

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【product description】

In 2023, a new deep-type frying pan will be released, with more cooking space, more servings per cooking, and a variety of cooking methods!

I believe that friends in the camping world are familiar with this Arisu Korean barbecue pan. The most powerful part of this pan is anti-stick bottom to a point. After use, you can wipe 90% of it with a paper towel Oily dirt, reducing the trouble of cleaning the stove when camping outdoors! ! In addition, this stove is really good for cooking anything, fried rice/scrambled eggs/cooked spaghetti/whole skewers, an 850g barbecue plate can solve the biggest trouble of camping and picnics, it is simply a gift for camping~

    • Anti-stick bottom material: It adopts three-dimensional annual ring pattern design, just add a little oil to spread the grill plate evenly, and it will not be crazy when you order it.
    • Bottom fixing: The new arisu grill plate has a chrysanthemum-shaped pit pattern, which is easier to fix the position
    • Curved plate design: pour a little oil for easy cooking and frying
    • Easy to clean and convenient - with Inoble non-toxic and easy-to-clean coating as the main material, can directly use kitchen paper/wet paper towels to easily clean the surface oil, and you don’t have to worry about difficult cleaning when using it outdoors


【Product information】

Annual rings (deep type)

Material: Cast aluminum (inoble non-stick coating)

Weight: 850g

Dimensions: 29 × 35 x 4.3 cm

Origin: South Korea