Antonini Old Bear® Rainbow Pocket Knife Rainbow Wood Handle Folding Knife

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【Product Introduction】

Italian knife brand Antonini has a century-old history.

Assembled, machined and polished by hand

Old Bear® Rainbow Color Pocket Knife 🌈

With the handle made of colored laminated wood,

In 2023, it will be replaced by new materials. The blade will be made of W 1.4060 Nitrogen Steel stainless steel (9307 series).

The blade is harder and more resistant to abrasion than ever before, and is polished by hand by craftsmen

Each folding knife is unique and hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen,

The package is accompanied by a handmade certificate stating the date of manufacture and the batch

Patented safety lock design removes the rebound spring to ensure that the blade does not rebound when retracted,

Make it safer and more secure to use!


【Product Information】

materials: Colored laminated wood

blade: W 1.4060 Nitrogen Steel

Safety Lock: Brass

尺寸:XS | S | M | The | XL

Size: 15cm | 17cm | 19cm | 21cm | 23cm

Storage size: 9cm | 10cm | 11cm | 12cm | 13cm

重:27g | 33g | 39g | 57g | 60g

    Origin: Italy