Antonini Old Bear® Collection Wood Carved Pocket Knife

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【product description】

Italian knife brand Antonini has a century-old history.

Assembled, machined and polished by hand


Old Bear® S pecial Collection Hand Carved Walnut Pocket Knife

walnut achievement Carved by hand, very unique ✨

Then it is made by oiling the surface

Its blade is made of AISI420 stainless steel (9307 series), hand-polished by craftsmen


The patented safety lock design removes the return spring to ensure that the blade will not rebound when retracted,

M ake it safer to use!


 Comes with a gift wooden box and a jackknife


【Product Information】

materials: American walnut

Blade: Hardened Aisi 420 Stainless Steel

Safety L ock: Brass

size: XS | S | M | L | XL

Use size: 15cm | 17cm | 19cm | 21cm | 2 3cm

Storage size: 9cm | 10cm | 11cm |  12cm  13cm

weight: 27g | 32g | 37g | 62g | 67g

    Origin: Italy