Antonini Old Bear® Collection Wood Carved Pocket Knife Hand Carved Walnut Pocket Knife (with wooden gift box)

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【Product Introduction】

Italian knife brand Antonini has a century-old history.

Assembled, machined and polished by hand

Old Bear® Special Collection Hand Carved Walnut Pocket Knife

The walnut handle was first carved by hand and is very unique ✨

Then it is made by oiling the surface

Its blade is made of AISI420 stainless steel (9307 series), hand-polished by craftsmen

Patented safety lock design removes the recoil spring to ensure that the blade does not rebound when retracted,

Make use safer and more secure!

Each folding knife is unique and hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen,

Comes with a gift wooden box and a folding knife


【Product Information】

materials: American walnut

Blade: Hardened Aisi 420 Stainless Steel

Safety Lock: Brass

尺寸:XS | S | M | The | XL

Size: 15cm | 17cm | 19cm | 21cm | 23cm

Storage size: 9cm | 10cm | 11cm | 12cm | 13cm

重:27g | 32g | 37g | 62g | 67g

    Origin: Italy