5050WORKSHOP Sierra Plate Hanging Lamp Cup Holder

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【product description】

5050WORKSHOP's most popular product, Lantern Stand, has released new accessories again this year. The products to be introduced are added with more pet elements, which are also in line with their concept. Outdoor:Urban = 50:50, except for camping, put It's time to be a pet feeding bowl in a house 🔥

1) Sierra Plate Hanger
▪️Used with 5050WORKSHOP Lantern Stand light stand, it can be fixed on the camping stand or plugged into the campground for perfect placement of Sierra Cup!

2) Drink cup holder
▪️Add the attached Square Plate to hold cups/drinks

3) Pet Feeding Rack
▪️Compatible with 5050WORKSHOP
The Mini Tripod can be used as a pet feeding stand. The careful extension design minimizes the damage to the spine of the furry child.🐕🐈

⚠️This product does not include 5050WORKSHOP Lantern Stand and Mini Tripod


【Product information】

Material: Aluminum alloy, Steel (light cup holder)|Polyester (storage bag)

Weight: 500g

Cup holder size: 300 × 140 × 2.5 mm

Use size: 300 × 140 × 65 mm

Contains Sierra Plate,

Square Plate, 4cm Pillar, 8cm Pillar,

Connecting column, connecting pin