5050WORKSHOP Mini Tripod Mini Tripod

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【product description】

5050WORKSHOP Mini Tripod is one of the most compatible accessories of 5050WORKSHOP. Lantern Stand and Sierra Plate can be used with tripods to make equipment with different functions. The screw diameter can be c hang ed from M10 to 1/4 screw, and it can also be used with other non-5050WORKSHOP accessories. It is in line with their concept Outdoor:Urban = 50:50, multi-purpose camping equipment🔥

1) Lantern Stand
▪️It can be used with 5050WORKSHOP Lantern Stand, which can be fixed on the campsite. It is recommended that S size tripod can be built with 1-2 light stand poles, and L size tripod can use more Light Stand Pole Build!

2) Pet feeding rack
▪️ Compatible with 5050WORKSHOP Sierra Plate hang cup holder When used, it becomes a pet feeding rack, and the careful extension design minimizes the damage to the furry child's spine🐕🐈

⚠️This product does not include 5050WORKSHOP Lantern Stand and 5050WORKSHOP  Sierra Platehang light cup holder


【Product information】

materials: Aluminum/Brass

Use size: (S)  45 x 185mm | (L)  60 x 310mm

Storage size: (S) 30 x 106mm | (L) 30 x 176mm

Weight: (S) 140g|(L) 165g