5050WORKSHOP Animal Tent Outdoor Pet Tent

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【product description】

The philosophy of the 5050WORKSHOP brand is OUTDOOR:URBAN = 50:50

As the name suggests, gear from its brand is suitable for both outdoor and home use!


Bring dogs/cats to camping outdoors, I want them to play comfortably and cleanly,

Animal tent is very suitable Outdoors and cat and dog lovers!

The tent provides more space and comfort for the dog, blocking the sun and rain,

In addition to effectively reducing the cleaning work after the dog's outdoor activities, Bring the dog a high-quality lying experience!

  • It is composed of a bed and a top tent, which can be disassembled and used separately
  • Simple and easy to assemble, It can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use, save space
  • Protect pets from extreme heat and cold from the ground
  • Suitable for outdoor/home use
  • The waterproof bed can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as traveling with your dog, hiking, camping and more


【Product information】

materials: Fabric Polyester / Steel fiberglass / ABS resin

Storage size: (H)10 0 x (W)730 x (D)100 mm

Use size: (H)70 0 x(W) 76 0 x (D)610 mm

Weight: about 1.5kg

Weight: 30kg