5050WORKSHOP 2way Stand Series Starter Kit Dual-purpose Hanging Light Stand Set

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【product description】

  • 5050WORKSHOP 2022 new hanging light stand set
  • Includes light stand, hexagonal shelf, tripod (large), carabiner (large), towel
  • A variety of accessories can greatly expand the use and appearance
  • Can be fixed on the camping platform or plugged into the campsite
  • For hanging fans, camping lights, paper towels, etc.
  • Hanging light frame Split design, can be installed according to its own height Number of light pole sections
  • Suitable for desktop thickness up to 25mm


【Product Information】

materials:A7075 Aluminum / Steel (hanging light stand)|Polyester (storage bag)

Height: up to about 125cm (without nails)

Weight: 1500g

Storage size: 36.5 × 34.5 × 7 cm

Includes light stand, hexagonal shelf, tripod (large), carabiner(large), towel