【Leave No Trace is not a slogan】

【Leave No Trace is not a slogan】

In recent years, hiking and camping have become very popular, and many friends will go to the deep mountains on holidays to feel the tranquility of nature.When we visit nature, there are actually a lot of rules to follow to be a responsible forest user.

The meaning of no trace in the mountains

It does not leave any traces when climbing, hiking or camping, minimizing damage to the campsite ecology and forest users.


Why Yamano Traceless?

With the increasing popularity of outdoor and camping, the countryside is increasingly overloaded. If you want the natural beauty of Hong Kong to remain in its original state, the more exposed it becomes, the more you must not be a selfish forest user and cause irreversible damage to the environment.


The Seven Laws of No Trace in the Mountains

This concept has already appeared in the early days, and there are also related organizations that have conceived the seven principles for Yamano Wuhen, including:

1. Plan ahead and prepare

  • Choose a good camping location and route, and try to avoid crowded places

  • Repack the food brought to camping before going out to reduce the creation of more garbage at the campsite, and facilitate taking the garbage to the urban area for disposal


2. Walk and camp at a suitable location

  • Do not walk on grass or shortcuts other than regular mountain trails (where many people walk, there will be no grass, and when it rains, it is more likely to accumulate water and wash away the sediment, making the mountain road bald and wider)

  • Don't "explode the forest" indiscriminately, don't destroy the forest for a moment of excitement


3. Take your own trash

  • Take away things that don't belong to the mountains and leave no trace

  • Try to bring home-made garbage to the city for disposal

  • It's no problem to go to the mountain and forest, but remember to take away the used toilet paper (I want to vomit)

  • Fruit pits and peels need to be taken away for disposal and should not be discarded at will. Food waste from vegetables and fruits seems to have a fertilizing effect on nature, but too much food waste disposal will only overload nature and make it difficult to decompose; it will also attract wild animals Foraging, they rely too much on the food waste left by humans as their staple food.

  • In addition to your own garbage, it is best to take away more garbage of course


4. Maintain the original appearance of the environment

  • Leave what you find

  • Don't take anything that belongs to nature


5. Reduce the impact of fire on the environment

  • It is strictly forbidden to burn the ground!It is strictly forbidden to burn the ground!It is strictly forbidden to burn the ground! (important things to say three times)

  • Do not start a fire directly on the grass

  • When playing a campfire, remember to use a fire-fighting platform and a waterproof pad. The excessive heat generated during the fire will damage the grass vegetation, making it difficult for the grass to grow again. The bare soil is also more easily eroded by water, causing soil erosion and causing land suffer lasting damage


6. Respect for wildlife

  • Wild animals are the inhabitants of nature. As visitors, we try not to disturb and keep our distance.

  • If cattle or wild boars break into the camp, please treat them kindly and do not attack deliberately

  • Do not feed wild animals casually. Relying on climbers for a long time as a food source will make them lose their foraging instinct (remember to put food in safe containers to prevent wild animals from approaching and grabbing food)


7. Be considerate of other forest users

  • Please turn down the volume when hiking or camping, and do not use loudspeakers to play songs when there are people nearby

  • At night, it is necessary to know that skinning is a normal play, everyone needs a space to rest, don't be a selfish ghost

  • Restore everything when you leave, take away the rubbish that should be taken away


I hope everyone will watch the canal, and then share it with friends who like camping and hiking, and share a blessing, so that everyone can protect this nature and protect this piece of land together. Everyone should do their part, others will not wash and bury your part 💡 Good people live in peace!


If you see people near the camp who use the forest incorrectly, I hope you can go directly to persuade and educate them~ (Do it all)


When I was thinking about doing a camping Q&A before, some campers asked me to tell me more about Mountain No Trace. The owner tried his best to integrate the online information and add a little bit of his own personal opinion. If the information is lacking/mistakes, welcome Please leave a message below to help me add 🙌

Source: Green Care Hong Kong