Re:echo Outdoor Portable Insulated Ice Bag/Insulation Bag

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【product description】

- Adopt four-layer cold insulation design, the outer layer is made of waterproof material, the middle is EVA high-density interlayer as insulation, and 4mm porous foam is used to preserve cold air and reduce air convection.The inner layer is made of high-efficiency cold and thermal insulation materials

- Effective cooling time up to 6-8 hours

- The 8L capacity can hold 6-8 cans of soda, the barrel-shaped design fits into the bottom of the rucksack, saving space

- Unique adjustable compartment, the upper layer can be put in food, and the lower layer can be placed in drinks.Compress storage space, enhance freezing performance, and avoid cold

- With elastic mesh pockets and rubber roots to hold cutlery


【Product information】

Material: 100% Polyester, PVC, Nylon
Dimensions: 25cm(W) x 18cm(D) x 20.5cm(H)
Volume: 8L
Weight: 480 g