Triton Foldable Camping Outdoor Hydration Bag

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【product description】

apply to

  • The best drinking water container for camping and leisure travel
  • The best water storage container for home life
  • The best water storage container for natural disasters, humanitarian rescue and water outages
  • Essentials for your car toolbox
  • Use at group gatherings or private parties, and put drinks directly into the refrigerator to chill

Materials and Features

  • LDPE
  • Accommodating temperature: -20-80 degrees Celsius
  • Foldable collection, easy to carry, does not take up space
  • Strictly stress tested by SGS to withstand extreme pressure and high drop resistance
  • Adopt one-piece manufacturing method, the bottle mouth is not easy to leak
  • Compliant with strict US food inspection and strict EU food container regulations - BVCPS Inspection Report


【Product information】

Folded size:

  •  5L  : 17 x 17 x 6  (CM)
  • 10L:20 x 20 x 6 (CM)
  • 20L:26 x 24 x 7 (CM)

Expand Size:

  • 5L   : 18 x 18 x 22 (CM)
  • 10L:22.5 x 22.5 x 27 (CM)
  • 20L:29 x 29 x 33.5 (CM)

net weight:

  • 5L   :  122 G
  • 10L:174 G
  • 20L:284G

Origin: Taiwan


  • Foldable water bags are only suitable for holding drinking water
  • Do not carry any chemical liquids such as fuel, gasoline and volatile liquids
  • Product must be kept away from fire or high heat sources
  • Do not collide or rub with sharp hard objects to avoid damage to the product
  • After use, please wash the water bag and dry it for collection